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Who We Are

OnPointe Strategic Insights provides personalized solutions that support individual and organizational transformation. We work with our clients to determine the right method, involve the best partners, and ask the right tough questions to develop clarity of purpose and deliver proven results.  In every engagement we provide an objective viewpoint and design a process that enables those involved to listen deeply, think strategically, and measure success. OnPointe Strategic Insights is a platform to make impact that matters.  

About Michelle Vander Stouw 

Michelle learned about culture and diversity at a young age. Helping run family-owned county fair concession stands, building relationships with diverse people was critical.  Michelle studied language and culture in Hong Kong, building her skills of listening and communicating in ways that can be heard and understood despite strong cultural differences. From this experience, Michelle’s passion for facilitating authentic dialogue in which people truly connect was ignited.  Her learning journey is far from over as she continues to engage in the “inner work” to grow and develop as a culturally humble leader.  


As a strategy consultant and thought partner, Michelle illuminates the “space between”, bringing insights and new perspectives to organizational and community change efforts.  Specializing in organizational and leadership development through a lens of inclusion and belonging, she is dedicated to helping people find their voice, bringing integrity, creativity and optimism to every project.  Working with leaders, teams, and individuals to unearth key insights which inspire building successful business and life practices, Michelle has gained a reputation as a trusted guide and thoughtful communicator.


Michelle has experience with numerous collaborative and collective impact efforts over the last 20+ years.  In these and other efforts, she has supported building, from the ground up, systems to create community change at the policy and individual level. 


As a strategic planning and community change consultant, Michelle continues to facilitate engaging processes that support board and staff members in thinking strategically to create actionable plans for a sustainable future.


Michelle holds a BA in Economics/Political Science/East Asian Studies from Denison University and a Master’s in Public Health from The Ohio State University. She founded OnPointe Strategic Insights after two decades as a grantmaker.  She is an International Coaching Federation accredited coach trained in Presence-Based Coaching and Embodied Leadership as well as a Birkman Advanced Certified Consultant.  She has had extensive strategy consulting experience and has formal training in Art of Hosting, World Café, Compression Planning, and Presencing Foundation: U-Process and Theory U, among other methodologies.  When not engaged in coaching or consulting, Michelle enjoys traveling with her family, dance, cooking, gardening, and hiking.

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