Customized solutions that support individual and organizational transformation

Our Approach.

Whether working to maintain excellence or dealing with a crisis, getting an outside perspective is often just what is needed to bring confidence and clarity to your decision-making process.

Listen attentively.

A disciplined commitment to listening exposes the hidden meanings that will lead to the best solutions.

Listening involves more than just a conversation; it includes a discovery process that clarifies organizational intent, culture, and current systems to support decision-making and accountability. Our individual futures, the future of our organizations, communities and even our world depend on truly listening to and hearing one another.

Think strategically.

Making efficient and effective decisions with actionable implementation plans that are tightly managed is the differentiator between success and failure.

The best path to the future requires clarifying a vision and then creating processes that support that future. To truly think strategically, it is often necessary to let go of the past and “how it has always been done.” We will support you through this tough work to identify key strategies and create organizational tactics and practices that support and sustain a bright future.

Measure progress.

“What gets measured gets done.” Observable measures are necessary to know whether a goal is attained.

Each situation requires different forms of accountability and performance measurement. Measures must be tracked and reviewed to have value – clarity and simplicity are critical.

“Michelle has demonstrated excellent leadership and strategic planning skills. As a member of the Board of Trustees of the United Way of Central Ohio, I have interacted with Michelle in a variety of situations, and she impressed me in each case. She helped to design and lead Board level strategic visioning and planning workshops, where I found her level of strategic insight and highly engaging facilitation skills to be exemplary.She also led the Accountability function at United Way, and as chair of the Accountability Committee of the Board, I frequently interacted with her in that role. She provided hands-on leadership to the United Way staff volunteers and agency staff in a high volume, complex network of funders and programs. While Michelle always stayed grounded and deeply knowledgeable in the work, she also demonstrated that rare combination of attention to detail while staying focused on big picture strategic issues.Perhaps most importantly, Michelle is fun to work with, and always maintains an upbeat demeanor.I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking for help with an initiative or team effort in her practice area. She brings out the best in a team in ways that always generate results and positive impacts.”
Joe Hamrock, Executive VP & Group CEO Gas Distribution, NiSource