Customized solutions that support individual and organizational transformation

Passion & Principles.

OnPointe is passionate about supporting and guiding people on their journey to become the best version of themselves.  Complex social change begins on an individual level, building an awareness of our own humanity and self-worth. Once we trust and appreciate our own value, we have the potential to suspend judgment and open our hearts and minds to the value in others.  This perspective supports an environment where true collaboration is possible and true impact is probable.

From individual coaching to leadership training and strategic planning, OnPointe is committed to providing customized solutions that support individual and organizational transformation. We work with you to determine the best method, partners, and questions to deliver powerful results. Our goal is to bring key issues to the surface, then to provide a process that enables you to listen attentively, think strategically, and measure progress.


• Valuing and respecting all people and their unique cultures
• Creating solutions that are specific and measureable
• Listening with attention – BEING PRESENT
• Speaking with intention and without judgment
• Recognizing and honoring the interconnectedness of everything

“As a volunteer at United Way of Central Ohio, I served on a number of Michelle’s committees. She is an exceptional leader who inspires ideas and action. She is adept at assessing, aligning and empowering those she works with to achieve the goals and objectives of the team. She was always focused on the end result and worked vigorously to find solutions. I highly recommend Michelle.”

Dan Charna, Founding partner, Glory Foods, Inc.