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FEBI Assessment.

FEBI Certified Coach                                 

Leaders who are serious about their development deserve a guide who can work with their whole self. FEBI-based coaching shows leaders how to be the change they want to see in themselves and the world.

The FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) is a validated assessment that measures the four energy patterns of personality. We call them “energy patterns” as they inform ALL aspects affecting how we show up in the world: thoughts, emotions, behaviors, the environment, and physical movement. Unlike other personality models that consider only one or two of these elements, the FEBI goes further by allowing one to understand and utilize all of them. While each of us combines these four energy patterns in unique ways (with some very specific preferences!), we are at our best when we learn to develop all four, and use the right energy at the right time. FEBI fully develops the whole you.

How does FEBI work?

When you enter the physical state of a particular pattern, the rest of the mind-body system tends to follow, and out come the behaviors of that pattern expressed in a way that’s natural to you. Authentic yet expansive: that’s what FEBI makes possible.

How can FEBI be applied in your work?

Name a challenge and the FEBI will help you rise to it.  FEBI lets you embody learning and be the change.

  • Looking for a job? FEBI can show you strengths to leverage, and help you develop a pattern you may need for better networking, sustaining the effort, or that killer interview.
  • Starting a new job? FEBI can help you understand your own personality patterns as compared with the professional or work culture you’re joining, and how to access any pattern you need more of.
  • Supervising others? FEBI gives insight into your supervisory style, and how to better understand, develop, and delegate to others.
  • Needing to Influence? FEBI helps you know yourself, and read the energy of others, that you are better able to influence them or handle conflict.
  • Building a Team? FEBI helps team members get to know one another, know what behaviors the team will migrate toward, what it may overlook, and what energy it needs to cultivate for greater effectiveness.
  • Leading in turbulence? FEBI helps you develop or enlist the right energy at the right time to drive toward your vision, keep people engaged, and maintain your own energy.